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Nathalie Lanau, RN

Owner – CEO

Nathalie Lanau joins the Golden Heart Senior Care Team with a unique background of professional experience. She obtained her first B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Management and served as a law enforcement officer for 12 years, within diverse communities of a large elderly population.
While she was excellent in her law enforcement career, she discovered a growing passion for helping seniors which led her to her true calling to serve the elderly. Going “above and beyond,” she found herself taking responsibility for seniors who were victimized or in need of assistance for food, money, and daily checks at their homes. She became their fervent advocate to assist them in finding valuable resources including medical care, housing and nursing home care.
During the early years of her public service, she realized there is a significant number of aging seniors who have been abused, neglected and many times forgotten. In addition, on a personal level, Nathalie was assisting her mother and sisters to care for her own frail grandmother. As a family they rallied around her and cared for her until she passed peacefully in her own home at age 95.
These experiences were a driving force in Nathalie’s decision to pursue a second B.S. Degree in Nursing and ultimately to establish a home care agency. She is excited for this opportunity to become more involved with seniors’ lives, advocating for them and providing services that will enhance their safety and well-being in their own homes.
Nathalie says, “I chose Golden Heart Senior Care franchise because of the extensive background experience that its staffs, owners, and professionals have working within the senior care industry. Experience and knowledge are especially important factors for me when making any decisions because it is the pathway to being successful and can also be contagious if one is eager to receive them.”
Golden Heart Senior Care is excited that Nathalie and her sister Jolaine have joined the Golden Heart Family to serve the Manassas community. Both have a proven record of going above and beyond in their service to others!


Jolaine Pierre, MBA

Managing Partner and CFO

Jolaine is an accounting professional with over 20 years of experience in the government, private and public sector. She is a natural born leader and always strives to gain more education and skills to widen her horizon. Jolaine is excited to develop her expertise in eldercare to better serve the local community.

She enjoys a full life with her husband and two children (Mason and Elaina). On weekends you will find them doing life together with arts and crafts, enjoying a great competition playing basketball or football, hosting tea parties, and serving the community together.

Jolaine decided to join forces with her sister Nathalie and get involved with Golden Heart Senior Care in the senior homecare industry because of her great love for her mother, Helene. Helene enjoys being home, gardening, picking fruits and vegetables right in her back yard. She also enjoys sitting outside watching nature. Her home is her identity. Although Jolaine and her siblings tried to get their mother to move in with them, she prefers to be in her own home. It became their mission to keep her home and make sure she was safe and comfortable. It made her so happy and she felt independent.

Now, Jolaine believes it is time to give back and care for other elderly loveable people, and keep them as comfortable as possible, similar to how her mother feels at home.

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