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Points of Difference

In addition to living our Mission, Vision and Values, Golden Heart Senior Care abides by a Client Bill of Rights. We also have several Points of Difference to ensure your dignity, independence and right to choose how you live your life. Finish Well!

  • Our Client Bill of Rights – Founded on international best practices
  • A Holistic Health Approach – We acknowledge every facet of a person and ensure an optimum quality of life
  • RN/LPN Supervision where applicable – Providing clinical oversight with a proactive approach to one-on-one home care
  • Case Management – Our team approach embraces perspectives from Clients, Caregivers, Families, Medical Professionals, and all other Stakeholders
  • No Minimums – Special arrangements can be made for visits under two hours
  • No Contracts – We believe in our services and offer them to you “at will”
  • Free Medical Profiles – Safeguards the establishment of effective Care Services
  • Free Health Assessments – Emergency RN/LPN visits are proactive in protecting our Clients’ health
  • Free Quality Assessments – Ensure client satisfaction & continuous quality improvement
  • Free Safety Consultations – Promote our Clients’ safety at home and in the community
  • Free Support Services – Hands-on approach by Owner/Managers keep the focus on our growing “family”
  • Responsive to Community Needs – Progressive and evolving care services keep our Clients at the forefront in a vibrant and active community
  • Advocacy – Owners, Managers, and Caregivers unite as One Voice to ensure our Clients live an empowered life, whether in their own homes or in the community
  • Enhanced Lifestyle – We throw parties, facilitate social outings, and enriching experience to ensure our clients engage with and celebrate life in a way that brings them new memories
  • Finish Well! – We can’t stop your aging or cure your degenerative disease, but we can walk through this path with you providing optimum care and choices to our clients Finish Well!

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